To Be Or Not to Be

Susan Thacker Studio

Building a website is a cross between giving birth to an elephant and having a religious experience.  A lot of discomfort, waiting, prayer and self-flagellation. I once had an art website; it fell off the internet and floated into ether. To survive this worldwide pandemic with my mortality and art presence intact, I concluded a digital presence is better than no presence at all,  but being cursed in all things “tech,” my website delivery is long overdue. With patient assistance (and sometimes, not!) from GoDaddy, finally… the resurrection of Bringing this baby home.

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Susan Thacker Studio

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  1. Erin Gafill on October 23, 2020 at 8:20 pm

    Hah! You always make me laugh even through the tears. This is wonderful. You are wonderful! I’ve missed your writing and you painting. I’ve missed you!

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